Specialized Forestry Training

The Specialized Forestry Training Centre is an initiative of the Consortium of Vall del Ges, Orís and Bisaura. Its founding partners are the ADF Federation of Osona and the Serra de Bellmunt Association of Forestry Owners.

The Consortium of Vall del Ges, Orís and Bisaura  is an organization that works in support of local development, environmental protection and social cohesion, and is the coordinating body of the Centre.

The ADF Federation of Osona  is the organization that coordinates the 12 Forestry Protection Associations of Osona with the aim of creating synergies that help each of them operate efficiently.

The Serra de Bellmunt Association of Forestry Owners  is an organization whose objective is to improve and upgrade the forestry estates of its members. Its territorial scope reflects that of the nine municipalities of the Consortium of Vall del Ges, Orís and Bisaura.

Specialized forestry training is carried out with the support of the departments of Natural Areas and Local Development of the Barcelona Provincial Council.

Origin and evolution

The extent of the forested area of the country and the results of a survey of the sector in Catalonia indicate the economic importance of the forestry sector to the country.The way in which forests are managed is thus crucial to increase their profitability. In this respect, training is another instrument for invigorating the economy of the forestry sector.

It is for this reason that it was seen as necessary to set up a centre for specialized forestry training, taking excellence in the sectoras its benchmark. This benchmark is the City & Guilds NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council), a British organization that enjoys tremendous prestige in Europe for its qualifications for people who work in the forestry sector. 

The specialized forestry training centre works on the basis of the City & Guilds NPTC criteria which puts a premium on occupational safety and efficiency. The Centre’s objectives are as follows:

  • To improve the professional trainingof people working in the forestry sector, providing qualifications, experience, skills training, working methods and occupational health and safety habits. 

  • To dignify the profession.

  • To promote the occupational insertionof trained personnel. 

  • To strengthen the competitiveness and social cohesion of the region, offering quality training and job opportunities to the rural community.

Evolution of the number of CFFE students